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Inoculant Food

Insect Habitat Plants

Beneficial Blend Seed Mix

Insecta-Flora Mix

Gopher Stopper® clover

Perennial Hedgerow Seed

Road Show low growing mix

Interflora Seed Mix

Educational Materials

World’s Best Bug Viewer

"Bug Samples" And Viewers For Classrooms



Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Garlic Barrier

Garlic Plus spray

Hot Pepper Wax

Hot Sauce Animal Repellent

Super Hot Pepper Extract

Orange Oil

Orange Guard

Neem oil



For Bulletins on how to use  insects in a biocontrol program see Bulletins.

For information on how to use materials see Material Bulletins

For information on traps and such see Equipment Bulletins


Inoculant Food






Chitin, dry, ground crab shell food for chitin digesting bacteria; BioStart, has a supressive effect on plant feeding nematodes CHITIN 1 pound 11.00
5+ pound 8.20
Molasses, liquid food for microbes, use 1-4 quarts per acre per application of inoculants MOLASSES 1 gallon 25.00


Microbe Nutrients, non-toxic, dry concentrate, apply with bacteria to promote growth. Used with Biostart™ or Defensor, enhances action of inoculants. A complete soluble food that stimulates germination of bacterial spores into growing cells, multiplying numbers

Dextrose, yeast, dry molasses, soluble humic acid

Mix 2 lb with 1 quart Defensor or BioStart in as much water as needed to cover area to be treated

Mix 8 lb with 1 gallon Defensor or BioStart in as much water as needed to cover area to be treated

Coapply with organic fertilizers: kelp, fish, yucca, humic acid


2 pound bag


2+ bags


5+ bags


10+ bags



8 pound bag


2+ bags


5+ bags


10+ bags



40 pound bag


2+ bags


5+ bags




Insect Habitat Plants


Beneficial Blend, Wildflowers, Perennials that Attract Beneficials, Repel Gophers
Beneficial Blend Seed Mix Annual white clover, Yellow sweet clover , Cilantro (coriander), Parsley, Caraway, Fennel, Mustard, White yarrow, Cosmos, Dwarf white alyssum, Annual baby’s breath, Tall white alyssum, Tidy tips, cereal rye grass, barley attract, feed

beneficial insects, provide ground cover unused areas,

BB1 1 pound 10.25
5+ pounds 8.00/lb
BB50 50 lb. bag 230.00
5+ bags 205.00
Insecta-Flora Mix

Wildflower mix with arroyo lupine, alyssum, bachelor buttons, birdsfoot trefoil, calendula, CA poppy, Chinese houses, crimson clover, goldfields, W. marsh-rosemary, yarrow, Melilotus indica

attract, feed pollen, nectar, protect beneficial insects with beautiful flowers, now with Gopher Stopper® sour clover 1.25 lb/5K ft2 FLORA3 3 g 25 ft2 2.75
FLORA1 1 oz 250 ft2 4.50
FLORA16 1 lb 4K ft2 25.00
Insecta-Flora Mix Low, mostly under 1 foot tall plants 25 ft2 FLLO3 3 g packet 2.75
plants 250 ft2 FLLO1 ounce 4.50
plants 4K ft2 (11 lb/acre) FLLOLB pound 28.00
Gopher Stopper® clover

sour clover, Melilotus indica add to habitat mixes to repel gophers

repels gophers, high level of coumidin anticoagulant,

3 lb/acre, 1 oz/1K ft2

GOPHROZ ounce 3.15
GOPHRLB pound 17.00
10+ pounds 14.00
Road Show low growing mix to plant in roads, box row, edge row, withstands traffic, reduces dust, helps beneficials plants 25 ft2 ROADOZ 1 ounce 3.00
plants 4K ft2 ROADLB pound 28.00
Perennial Hedgerow Seed, native mixture for Southern (HEDGES) or Northern (HEDGEN) California oz plants 500 ft row HEDGENOZ 1 ounce 4.65
lb plants 1,700 ft2

use 26 lb/acre

HEDGEN pound 38.00
2+ pounds 36.00
Low Mix, habitat for interplanting with annual vegetables
low growing grasses, flowers, and herbs INTERFLORA pound


5+ pound 9.50
10+ pound 7.00
Other seeds available inquire      



Beneficial insect photos set of 10 captioned and laminated  

8 X 10" color photos, some show multiple life stages, request order list to select from

see photo list

PHO 5+ 10.00
10+ 8.75
20+ 7.75
World’s Best Bug Viewer (2X+2X) BV1 each 7.75
5+ 6.75




Natural Materials For Biologically-Based IPM And IPPM

US EPA made a list of materials that can be used as pesticides without need to register them under FIFRA. These are referred to as 25b active and 4a inert minimal risk materials. Now anyone can mix and package pesticides made from these materials with a label listing: ingredients, percent concentration, appropriate warnings, and address of person bottling the pesticide. You can’t make false claims on the label. Some of these exempt materials are: cinnamon oil, corn gluten meal, garlic, garlic oil, eugenol, 2-phenethyl propionate (active in Bioganic products), putrescent whole egg solids, sesame oil, sodium lauryl sulfate (soap in shampoo), and white pepper, among others. Orange oil is not on these lists but is on the GRAS list.

We carry products containing these low risk materials to help you put together an IPM program. Remember that even though these materials have low toxicity to humans, they do some damage to beneficial insects. Use them to knock down large populations of pests before introducing beneficial insects. Using them on a regular basis will disrupt your insect ecology. See our web page for more information and recipes for making pesticides.

Bioganicâ brands sell a line of low risk pesticides that are available in discount stores around the country. Their weed killer is very effective, so we don’t carry one.

Natural Materials For Biologically-Based IPM And IPPM


Hot Pepper Wax

Kills, repels insects

8 oz/gallon water

aphid, whitefly, spider mite, thrips, soft bodied insects, leafhopper, scale


HPWP 16 oz (pint) 10.50
HPWQ 1 quart 18.75
HPWG 1 gallon 46.00
HPW5G 5 gallon 149.00
Hot Pepper Wax hose end sprayer with 40 oz HPW HPWHOSE 40 ounce & sprayer 29.00
40 oz refill for hose end sprayer HPW40 40 ounce refill 21.00
Garlic Barrier 10:1

dilute 1:10 to spray

repels many insects GARBARQ 1 quart 12.90
Garlic Barrier 100:1

dilute 1:100 to spray

GARBARG 1 gallon 89.00
GARBAR55 55 gallon 2600.00
Kaliente-capsaicin (hot pepper), garlic and zinc rated 20K Scoval heat units many soft bodied insects 16 oz/acre in low volume water with a sticker   KAL25 2.5 gallon jug 134.00
2 + jugs 122.00


Hot Sauce Animal Repellent, hot pepper extract, 2.5% capsaicin, can mix with Vapor Guard or NuFilm repels deer, elk, rabbits, meadow voles, pine voles, squirrels, 6-8 oz/100 gal. water, or 1 Tbs/6 gal. HOTS 2 quart 124.00
Burn Out, weed control, vinegar and lemon juice spray on weeds, to cover, contact herbicide WEED 24 ounce 20.00
WEED2.5 2.5 gallon 99.00
Orange Oil, cold pressed oil from orange peels insects, kills, repels, dilute 1:40 to 1:60 with a little soap. test to make sure it doesn’t burn leaves ORANGE quart 19.80
ORANGEG gallon 37.20
Orange Guard a food grade insecticide made from oil from orange peels

ready to use

insects, ant, cockroach, flea

kills and repels – ready to use, qt spray bottle, gal & spray attachment

ORANGDQ quart 15.00
ORANGDG gallon 26.00
SPRAYAT sprayer 3.70
Neem oil 100% oil from neem tree Azadiracta indica dilute 1:40 parts water insects, mites, fungicide, antifeedant, use 3 oz (6 Tbs)/gal water or 2 tsp/pint water, once a week, 2-3 X NEEMHP half pint 18.00
NEEMQ quart 48.00
NEEMG gallon 118.00
Chase, castor oil pased mole repellent repells moles and gophers, qt/10K ft2 CHASE1 1 gallon 53.00
Nemastop, plant extract, fatty acid, no known phytotoxicity plant feeding nematodes, drench soil, 26 oz/ac veggies, ornamental, 87 oz/ac turf NESTOP

1 quart

1 gallon



GC Mite botanical miticide, oil of cottonseed, clove, garlic, OMRI, exempt mites, thrips, aphids, 1% solution, 1.5 oz/gal, 7+ day cycle GCMITE1 gallon 66.00
2+ gallon 47.00
FOSPHITE, SAR activator, potassium phosphite, stimulates plants to fight disease, esp water molds like phytophthora resistance to pest disease, foliar 1-2 qt/ac or 2-4 tsp/gal, drench 1-2 qt/100 gal or 2-4 tsp/gal FOSPHITE gallon 53.00
2+ gallon 41.00
CideTrak, curcubitacin from buffalo gourd root attracts Diabrotica, cucumber beetle or corn rootworm - mix with spinosad to attract and kill CIDETRAK 4 pound bag


4+ bags
12+ bags 131.00

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