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Minimum Order $25.00

Report Problems Immediately

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Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Purchase Order (no C.O.D.). Customers with approved credit pay by check or money order on receipt of invoices. Interest may be charged on past due balances. CA sales tax 7.25%.

How to Order

By phone, fax or e-mail, we are ready to work out details and shipping options. When we’re on other lines, give a detailed message.


ORDER LINE 800-248-2847 (BUGS) * FAX ORDER LINE 805-643-6267 Monday -Friday 8 AM-5 PM Pacific Time *



Minimum Order $25.00

If items total less than $25 (not including freight charges), add $4.00 handling charge.


Address Correction Charge

Carriers charge up to $12 for address errors, so help us get it spelled exactly right!


Plan Ahead--Let Us Know

For large quantities six weeks advance notice helps. It is better to place a tentative order early as we can be flexible to change the ship date when the time you need predators gets closer. Call well ahead also for a particular life stage and get orders (and changes) to us by the weekly deadlines listed below.


Discounts for Multiple Shipments on a Schedule

Regular EARLY releases sometimes make a better biocontrol program. See discounts for multiple shipments of some insects. You can request an increase or decrease in shipments before regular order deadlines shown in the table.

Price Breaks for Multiple Items

5+ quantity breaks where offered may apply when ordering 5 or more items.

10+ quantity breaks may apply


Institutional Discounts

We can provide fixed quotes for the year on items bought regularly.


Weekly Order Deadlines

Order (and if necessary cancel) by…



Aphidius ervi (T)

Aphelinus abdominalis (T) requires 2-3 weeks notice

Aphiline ACE mix (T)

Dacnusa siberica(T)

Diglyphus isaea (T)

Eretmocerus spp (T)

Leptomastix dactylopii


11:00 AM

Pacific Time

(T) Usually shipped Tuesday

(W) Usually shipped Wednesday **


** If Monday is a US, Canadian or British holiday, ship date may be Wednesday instead of Tuesday

Cancellations no later than

Friday NOON

Pacific Time

Amblyseius fallacis (M-W)

Amblyseius cucumeris (W)

Aphidius colemani (T)

Aphidius matricariae (W)

Aphidoletes aphidimyza (W)

Aphytis melinus (T-W)

Atheta coriaria (W)

Coccinella septempunctata (W)

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri (T)

Delphastus pusillus (W)

Encarsia formosa (W)

Eretmocerus californicus (T)

Eretmocerus mundus (M or Th)

Feltiella acarisuga (T)

Hypoaspis miles (W)

Orius insidiosus (T)

Phytoseiulus persimilis (vials & on bean leaves) (T)

Podisus maculiventris (T )

Stethorus punctillum

inquire about

Weekly ship date

organisms not listed

Order 1 Day Ahead by NOON

(sooner is better)


Mon for shipping on Tues

Tues for shipping Wed

Wed for shipping Thurs

(first come, first served

to the limits of production)

A. cucumeris – small orders

Fly parasites

Green lacewing

Hippodamia convergens (Ladybugs)**

predatory mites & mixes **

Lindorus lopanthae



ORDER LINE 800-248-2847 (BUGS) Mon-Fri 8-5 Pacific


**Perishable mites, ladybugs and large orders are usually sent direct from growers to minimize transit time.


Shipping Confirmations and Tracking

Automatic confirmation of shipment with tracking number by email is increasingly available. If you need your tracking number, state account name, what you ordered, courier and ship date. It helps if you take good notes about what you are ordering.


Be There or Leave Signature for Delivery

In some areas, especially with FedEx, get a release signature on file in order to have packages left if no one is home. For UPS, leave a signed note for the driver. We cannot accept responsibility if the delivery person cannot find someone to receive or permission to leave the package unattended.


Check Your Order on Arrival

Check your order. Read instructions for care on the container and/or product information sheet. Hold perishable items as suggested. Insects and mites in their packaging need some air circulation; so avoid covering paper or screen openings in containers. Do not put containers in a plastic bag; paper is best.


Report Problems Immediately

Notify us if you question the quality of the insects. After business hours, leave a recorded description of the problem.


Fine Print

Success cannot be assured when using beneficial organisms and natural products. Rincon-Vitova makes no warranties or guarantees as to results. The purchaser and/or user waives and releases Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc. and its employees, and agents from all injuries, damages, and liabilities arising, if any, because of the use of these products or their handling.



Let us know how the products and beneficials work for you.


Mailings-Postal and Internet Newsletter

We send mailings to people who call us, who attend conferences with us or who are members of like-minded organizations that promote ecologically based pest management. We do not sell our customer mailing list. Call to stop future mailings.


Gift Catalog on Website

For everything from books to designer pins and placemats and educational items, we welcome you to visit our gift catalog.


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