Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc.

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We are the oldest and one of the largest commercial insectaries and have been the pioneer in biological control by natural enemies since the late 1950’s for a growing industry.


We maintain distinction within the industry in our development work and in our emphasis on building habitat diversity and conserving natural enemies. This ensures biological control programs that are affordable and work.



  • Produce beneficial insects and organisms designed by nature to control pests.
  • Distribute organisms and supplies from reputable companies.
  • Support our customers with the most current technical information.
  • Support the Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology, a non-profit organization promoting research and training in beneficial insect conservation and biocontrol.
  • Meet distributor needs to foster an expanding network of biocontrol experts.
  • Make responsible choices for the planet, such as avoiding genetically engineered (transgenic) products, and using no-frills, recyclable materials and packaging, generating a third of electrical needs with on-site solar panels, implementing hydronic heating with renewable fuels.
  • Stand up for responsible choices for the community, assure health care and emergency child care for employees, sponsor student internships, host class tours, participate in local Earth Day, Career Day, and other educational events.



We produce and distribute insects and other organisms reared on-site and by domestic and international producers to meet high quality standards. Freshness of perishable products is our top consideration. We are proud distributors of beneficials from Applied BioNomics, Ltd. of British Columbia that we believe ships the freshest products in the world. We also hold no reserves of organisms in storage whose quality would be compromised. Imports are held at ideal conditions for less than three hours before they leave our facility to our customers.


Our search for products that support our expanding vision of integrated biologically-based pest control programs has led us to expand beyond the insect and mite predators and various parasite species and distribute bacterial and mycorrhizal soil inoculants, insectary blend seed mixes, and snail, slug and fly traps to integrate with biological control organisms.




We support quality wholesalers and successful biological pest control advisors with preferred service, technical advice and sales support.

Our direct sales proudly serves thousands of large and small farms, nurseries, green houses, landscape and interior plantscapers, livestock and composting operations, hotels and resorts, zoos, botanical gardens, government agencies, many research institutions, and private residences. Customers remember us for the vitality of our products, knowledgeable technical guidance, our friendly follow-up support and our guarantee.


Public Relations


Because we give our customers reliable access to the best quality organisms along with practical, appropriate information and referral, we have built a solid reputation that generates up to dozens of inquiries weekly. Our only paid advertising is to support two of our favorite publications The IPM Practitioner and Acres USA and this year we decided to support Organic Producers Magazine. New customers find us through referrals by professionals, directories, source books, databases, news articles, presentations, exhibitions and thousands of satisfed customers.


We try to serve our community by paying our employees a living wage and assuring health care and emergency child care for employees. We sponsor student internships, host individual and class visits, assist and support students with Science Fair Projects. We pay our employees for time spent serving as judge for local science fairs, participate in local Earth Days, Career Days, fundraisers, educational events, for projects. Our employees support of the Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology and one of it's projects, an insect-attracting "butterfly" garden adjacent to our property along the Ventura River Trail for the enjoyment of our neighborhood.



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