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RVI produces and distributes insects and other organisms, supplies and tools for biological control of pests.  We are pioneers in the use of natural enemies in ecologically based pest management.


From Insects to Microbes to D-Vac


Biological control programs may include commercially available predators, parasites, pathogens and antagonists. We advise starting with biologically active soils that may get a boost from our line of inoculants. We have microbial and botanical pesticides when the natural enemies are a little too little or a little too late. Production scale programs are best designed based on the kind of monitoring only obtainabale using our D-Vac vacuum insect sampling equipment.


From Farms to Laboratories


Among our thousands of customers are small to mid size farms, orchards, greenhouses, nurseries, public gardens and gardeners. Our fly control programs treat small and large facilities that handle animal manure and waste. Hundreds of universities call RVI for organisms for research and instruction.


Cost Effective and Environmentally Sound


Our technical support centers on the Five Features of IPM, the theme of the latest edition of our Catalog of Beneficials. Programs for success consider the agricultural practices and other factors that influence the balance between predator and prey. Our bulletins offer insights based on many years of experience applying knowledge from Deke's Five Features. A new website is in the making with easier navigation to more information and perspectives you won't find anywhere else.


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Global Winner

Regenerative Business Prize

for 2016

Regenerative Business Prize Fooding

Based on a panel of judges assessment of performance on seven principles of regeneration . Rincon-Vitova management team celebrate the vision and community minded approach to business of our founder, Everett (Deke) Dietrick for putting us on the path to receive this recognition from our peers.

Hear our 40 min interview with Carol Sanford.


Compost Tea Tuesday at the Bug Farm

Call by Friday, then pick up freshly brewed compost tea on Tuesday or Wednesday while the batch lasts. See Details on our Compost Tea page.


KCET Public Broadcasting Affiliate in Los Angeles did a wonderful video piece on us. Thank you Dennis Nishi for a great portrayal of what we do at the bugfarm


Nan Sterman of A Growing Passion

visits the Bug Farm

See RVI at 9:50 on PBS video . Thank you Nan for a great introduction to our insectary.



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NZI Biting Fly Trap web site

Find instructions for building your own biting fly trap, originally designed for the dreaded tsetse fly by Steve Mihok. Don't have time to make one - we sell them assembled.


Healthy Citrus Webinar

When you grow healthy plants you don't need to use much pesticide.


2009-10 Catalog

Download in pdf format or call for print edition with the latest product availability and prices.


Biocontrol Beat Blog

News You Can Use including entertaining commentary about biological pest control.


Bug Farm Blog

for insights, questions, updates, stories and fun from the bug farm folks .


Fly Control Buzz Newsletter

summer edition features Jumbo Bag Fly Trap, Nzi Biting Fly Trap and newly released Dung Beetle Field Day DVD (links below).


RVI, DI on YouTube

Our video about the poop cycle from Pat Richardson's talk at the Dung Beetle Field Day Linn, MO, in June. More great instructional videos are in the pipeline.

Rincon-Vitova channel

Dietrick Institute channel


Transition to sustainability - carbon neutral economy, grow food local, resilient community



Catalog Downloads:

2009-2010 Catalog of Beneficials  56 pages pdf  format


Catalog of Fly Control  16 pages pdf format in English


Catálogo para el Control de Moscas (Español;Spanish) pdf format have a lot of fly control info all in one place. Until we update them, you can get the basics with current product availability and prices about fly control on pages 42 to 46 in 2009-2010 Catalog of Beneficials  pdf download above or tell us where to mail a print copy.

To view the Catalogs you must have the current version of Adobe Acrobat  downloaded and installed on your computer.

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