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Concept of GE pipeline and Big 6 as drivers

Monsanto and five other corporations — BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta, collectively known as the “Big 6” — dominate the world’s seed and pesticide markets. They actively opposed prop 37. They have put billions in developing new GE crops, especially herbicide tolerant crops, because they profit on the seeds and the herbicides, and they monopolize seed supply.


Role of the USDA and urgent decision point

USDA has a process for "approving" new GE crops. It's head, Secretary of AgricultureTom Vilsack, was appointed 4 years ago. In his prior post as Governor of Iowa and in the USDA, he has consistently favored big industrial farming and GE crops. He believes that GE and organic farming can co-exist.


Bringing in momentum from Prop 37

We got 5MM sig + another 3.5MM who would have voted YES had they not been lied to.


Some supporters are still confused by the TV ads. As they eventually learn the truth that they were tricked, the mobilization of CA voters should continue to build.


LabelGMO grassroots leaders and volunteers are organizing: "It Ain't Over Yet! Post-Election Planning Meeting", December 8 & 9 Santa Cruz, CA


There was a volunteer celebration on Mon in WestLake Village and 11 volunteers signed on to help with this campaign to Stop the Release of New GE Crops.


Nationally, many donated, phoned, hoped we'd win and are working on labeling in 39 states.


Internet is buzzing about consumer education and boycotting GM products, esp those made by companies that opposed Prop 37. “GMO Inside” Campaign will be the subject of a meeting of organizations this Sunday 9:30 am - 10:45 at the Los Angeles GreenFestival. If anyone wants to go with Ron and petition at the Green Festival on Sunday, let him know!


Last spring o ver 150 groups and more than 365,000 Americans urged the USDA to reject Dow's application to release 2,4-D corn. The comment period was extended because the Obama campaign wanted to avoid this difficult decision. In the meantime we want to take advantage of the limelight that Prop 37 has shown on the issue.


Why We Want to Protect Farmers from Escalating Use of Toxic Herbicides

It is the USDA that will decide if the next GE crop will be released. It is controlled by lobbies of farming organizations hand in hand with pesticide/seed/biotech corporations, while pretending that the constituency of that department is farmers. We are united with farmers, and not against farmers. We are against the corporations that farm the farmers.


2,4-D drift is responsible for more episodes of crop injury than any other herbicide


Drift from herbicides brings immediate risks to farmers:


Costly lawsuits between neighboring farmers over crop damage from drift


Decreased crop diversity for pest control, pollinators, and wildlife habitat (birds, small mammals, and reptiles are contributors to biological pest control)


Superweeds (an increasing problem from use of Roundup tolerant corn)


Increased production costs (seeds and herbicide higher than in non-GE crops)


Farmers deserve to be able to make a livelihood without dealing with toxic chemicals. Plants on their farms will be damaged by drift. Conventional farmers may lose their crops and organic farmers may lose their organic certification. They may all be forced to grow only the GE herbicide tolerant seeds that the biotech industry makes available to them - since they monopolize bulk seed for agriculture.


We are focused on stopping the escalation of use of more toxic herbicides rather than the genetically engineered aspect because that is were we share more common ground with farmers.


Rincon-Vitova Insectaries supports labeling of GMO foods, and sustainable organic agriculture. We don't see GMO crops and organic agriculture coexisting - we would like to see a moratorium on GMO crops.